Being a ‘Spiritual No-Body

In the world that we live in, the term of being a “nobody” is misleading and has a negative association with a person that has no social status, surface appearances, respectability, prestige, power, specialness, successes and failures in the world. Nobody is interested in being a ‘no-body’. In the spiritual sense of the word, a “no-body” is the exact opposite and must be “existentially” understood. Who we really are, at our deepest core (beneath the surface), is the transcendental space of unmanifested awareness.
God (the Divine) is not a thought, concept, feeling, person, action, place or thing. God is the non-dual continuum of awareness that is eternally awake; the background of all existence (abiding in all things). In the deeper levels of our being there is no-body there (it is a vast, infinite abyss); this is the zero point where all potentialities spontaneously emerge from. This unfathomable, silent space of emptiness (pure awareness) has no ‘existence’, a thing has to ‘stand out’ apart from other things to exist. The paradox is that ‘nothingness’ has no existence (it was never created), but it allows everything else the possibility to exist out of its neutral space.
There is no need to struggle in the world for external validation (comparing and competing with others) for the position of being a special ‘somebody’ (person-hood), you do not have to try in being a nobody (that is already your natural stateless state). We are not our physical bodies nor our minds/personalities. The fact that we are using the body-mind implies that we are not the body-mind. We exist as the more essential, subtler reality (non-physical) behind our individual entity as a pure light (a smokeless flame); beyond all arrangements of appearances and experiences. Most of our vital energies (through social conditioning) has become invested in the narrow, exclusive identification with ‘person-hood’ – a psychological loop of self-referencing ‘me and not me’.
Identifying as the ‘No-self’ is tapping into the uncharted territory of the timeless, all-inclusive greater intelligence without any limitations; not burdened by any particular form that you have about yourself (your history and relationships). The ego is our derived, false sense of self (a mind-made story) that is built up by a collection of ‘I-thoughts’ we identify with, feed and serve to protect (external things, power, fame, reputation, name, memories, education, opinions, approval, neurosis, emotions, reactions, etc.). Great fear comes out of dropping our egoic-identity and willfully entering into the impartial, selfless space of our emptiness that both surrounds us and is within us. The truth is that this emptiness (our non-conceptual self) is really the absence of the conditioned mind, that is always trying to fill itself with things out of the fear of being incomplete (not good enough and unhappy). We are so enamored with what we see, think and experience that we forget who is doing the looking. Awareness is not a state, thought or an object of experience; it is empty so  there is no ‘thing’ to observe there. You cannot lose it or experience it because you are your core awareness itself. There is only the untouchable, infinite spaciousness of Being, the Witnessing Awareness that is a unperturbed dimension underneath the cosmic play of opposites. It is far more enticing and appealing to the ego in being a ‘separate self’ (clinging to context), than to be selfless being (spiritual detachment).
Real meditation is about embracing our innermost core, the silent space of awareness before the mental noise our compulsive mental-emotional thought patterns were formed. Thoughts are always dualistic in nature; as soon as we think of a ‘thing’, we set that thing contrasting it against everything it is not. In spiritual awakening, you realize that you are already enlightened and complete (at the deepest level of your being) , no longer trying to fill this sense of pure emptiness with more and more concepts/things; just being as existence is.
Most of us live our lives completely lost and asleep in our dream characters, the drama that we call ‘life’. The institutional  world that we live in is a infrastructure built on our survival instincts, roles, tribal customs, habits, rituals, consumerism, social and religious belief systems; these societal rules and regulations are the standards in how we measure and define ourselves.  If we choose see ourselves by our fabricated stories, as the body-mind personas (conceptual characters) alone, then we become severely limited and fragmented in our thinking and being. Our society is set up to only reward somebodies (egotism) at every given opportunity and invalidate nobodies.  If we shift our perspectives to see ourselves as the deep stillness of Being that appears as everything, unbounded freedom (infinite possibilities) can be achieved. The formal body-minds that we use to function in the world is still there (functioning as an appearance in awareness), but it is no longer taken to be our sole identities.
When we consciously drop the false sense of individuality (self-centered tendencies), we then become a representation of the divine; which is beyond all conventions: names, forms, roles, borders, distinctions, and confinements of the psychological self. It is imperative to go beyond your fictitious social-identity (self-image); this erroneous belief in the seemingly ‘separate you’ striving to seek the approval of others (through comparison and competition). We must wake up from our dream selves (person-hood) and disappear into our pure nobodiness (nothingness), the all-encompassing wholeness of life.  Otherwise, we will undoubtedly be trapped (unconscious) in the world of phenomenal forms and will experience the inevitability of human suffering.
The subtle nature of aware presence is not any kind of an object, it does not have a location in space and time; therefore (to the discriminating thinking-mind) it is so readily dismissed. Our true nature as awareness does not have an objective quality such as age, size, color, duration or change. We are overlooking that which is doing the very looking itself. In identifying and reacting with conceptual thinking, emotions and behaviors; you will continue to remain unawakened spiritually (unconscious) and imprisoned in it.  Only through self-mastery, divine love, emptiness, stillness, presence and silence can one be overflowing with an endless reservoir of insight and unimaginable possibilities. If you really want to be spiritually liberated, you will have to drop your false, mind-made sense of a self (concepts and exclusive belief systems) that you have attached to the depth of being. When all form identification has been dropped from your ever present ‘I AM-NESS’, the vast spaciousness of your pure, Impersonal Self will only remain.
It is a huge undertaking to raise the sleeping masses, in freeing minds to go beyond all the baggage of ‘collective conditioning and suffering’ – reactive patterns, mental labels and compulsive thinking (preoccupation with the past and future). My whole effort is to demystify spirituality/enlightenment by helping others to awaken back to their radiant, formless nature as spacious awareness, the only true source and witness of all All-that-is (creation).
There is just the eternal One Life underlining all form manifestation, right Here, right Now. This ever-present Life is spontaneously playing and living us, as this polarized universe. When we are no-one, then we are One (not two). Only nothingness (creative potential) is paradoxically ‘everything’. This is the nameless face we had before we were born, our original face.http://spiritualenlightenment4nobodies.com/