gute kommunikation hat wenig mit der sprache oder mit grammatischen regeln zu tun, sondern viel mehr mit der wille, seinen gegenüber zu verstehen...



mode ist für mich ein platform, wo man sehr viel über spiritüelles erfahren kann. vorausgesetzt man muss dafür offen sein.
die kleider sind nicht einfache stofffetzen, die man sich überzieht sondern jeder kleidungsstück an sich drück etwas aus, sei es in der farbe, schnitt oder muster.

 in letzter zeit faellt mir neben den vielfaeltigen richtungen eine bestimmte art auf ,wie die leute sich kleiden. man kann ja sagen, ja es ist eben mode und die werden von mode leuten diktiert.

das mag bis zu einen gewissen grad stimmen. aber da ist ja auch so was, was man kollektive bewustsein nennt. das sind viellecht die mode leute die die trends setzen, aber es gibt auch menschen, die sich gerne den jeweiligen trend hinwegsetzen und sich individuel kleiden.

in mode branschen nennt man diesen trend style-crush.
das heisst, das man sich irgendwelchen teile zusammen-mixt, die nicht zusammen gehören. das mag für manschen betrachter irritierend aussehen, weil die auge nicht daran gewöhnt ist. das ist ja wohl auch der effekt die man wohl damit erziehlen möchte. man überrascht, faellt auf ect.

aber, was will eigentlich dieser trend uns auf der ebene von der seele sagen?? da gibt es wohl syncronizitaeten, zwischen mode und leben. wie etwa wenn die röcke laenger werden, das es ekonomisch auch alles knapper wird. das kann man sagor beobachten.

ich finde, egal wie eitel und eigentlich eine egoistische sache die mode ist, die seele will endlich dinge die nicht ''vermeintlich'' zusammen passen, endlich vereint werden sollen. zur eine einheit. das waere dann das wahre style-crush!


“Mentally labeling and judging everything that we see and experience destroys our sacred sense of Oneness with all life”. -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


Fall in love with the darkness.
With the piss and the shit of life.
The shadows, the hidden parts.
The bits we hide out of shame.
Fall in love with the innocence.
Our childhood fears of the dark.
Of being exposed. Of showing ourselves,
being seen, coming into the light.
The doubts, the secret pains,
our strange fantasies, feelings we
just don't know what to do with.
Terrors of the night-time.
The rage that bubbles just under the surface.
The fear that we are not loveable.
The feelings and thoughts we conceal
to maintain the image of 'me'.
To be good, to be nice, to be spiritual.
To be 'the one who can hold it all together'.
Fall in love with this secret humanity.
Know that darkness is NOT darkness,
only scared fragments longing to come into the light,
beings who want love, and attention,
and breath, and inclusion in the larger picture of Self.
Do not seek the light, friend.
Simply be the light. Be what you are.
The light of life.
And have the courage to shine fully
on the sore places, the tender places.
Illuminate. Radiate.
Make it safe for the little monsters
to come out of hiding.
Let them know they are beautiful.
And worthy.
And not monsters at all.
- Jeff Foster


Life is a Game of Chess, not Checkers

“The first step towards freedom from the illusions of the ‘ego’ lies in the realization that you have one, disguising itself as you.” -Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


AS INFINITE AWARENESS, YOU MUST REDUCE YOUR DEPENDENCY ON ILLUSORY CONSTRUCTS OF THE MIND THAT CREATED A SEPARATE, FINITE IDENTITY. “You are God (the unseen, mysterious observer) hidden behind the world of form that is momentarily having amnesia, appearing as a person. When your investment in person-hood (me and my story) falls away, then the self-illuminating light of your impersonal, eternal awareness can truly be known and felt.”  

~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


“The Real You is the priceless, hidden treasure that exists behind and beyond the costume disguise of your limited, human identity. You and I are extensions of the great I AM (Source Awareness); the timeless, universal life-energy that expresses itself as all things.”-Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


The world has been stuck in a perpetual cycle of saṃsāra (suffering) from one generation to another, for humans have been living in a dream state of divine self-forgetfulness. 



It's about unconditional friendliness and infinite kindness with yourself.
It's about making it safe, finally safe for all of those unloved, un-met, unseen waves of the ocean of yourself to crawl out of the depths, out of the darkness, out of the corners and holes and crevices of experience and come into the light, blinking and full of wonder...
It's about giving birth to yourself, so that all thoughts are finally allowed to flood in, all sensations, all feelings, all sounds, all those waves that we used to label ‘dark’, or ‘evil’, or ‘negative’, or ‘dangerous’, or ‘sinful’ – fear, anger, boredom, doubt, confusion, frustration, helplessness – are finally allowed to come to rest, to breathe, to be fully themselves in the space that you are. They are not separate entities or enemies, they are intimate appearances of you, and so they cannot hurt you, even if they hurt, and this is what we forget sometimes in our rush to 'fix' or at least 'normalise' ourselves...
Yes, all of those swirling, pulsating energies of that which we call 'life' are welcome in the unlimited room that you are, the vast Living Room in which all of creation sings and dances and paints itself into the ever-changing picture of this sacred and ordinary moment...
- Jeff Foster


“We are coming together to deconstruct our old, unconscious 3D relationships. We must work collectively to consciously create a new and better world paradigm based on the higher principles of spiritual love (oneness), peace, responsibility and mindful presence - without the need for ego-driven thoughts, attachments, personal limitations, conditions or expectations.” ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


“To fully embrace our unbounded, impersonal space of being, we must first be willing to check all of our false mental concepts and form-identities (masks) at the final door of liberation – our socioeconomic status, nationalities, religious groups, tribal identities, man-made traditions, cultural biases and social codes.”~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)



Thoughts are not the truth, and ultimately they are not even 'yours'. They are only voices, sounds, suggestions, opinions of the mind, coming and going all the time, like a flock of birds singing, every bird singing a different tune; a different opinion, suggestion, perspective.
You are not the birds; you are the wide open space in which the birds can sing, the awareness that holds the birds, the silence underneath and inbetween.
Do not try to silence the birds (for that makes them sing even louder) or destroy them (for they are only parts of yourself longing for love) but allow them to sing, and fly, for that is your power, and your freedom.
The "I am a failure" bird can sing, and the "I am a waste of space" bird can sing, and the "I am the most wonderful bird" bird can sing, and all their inbetween friends can sing, and you are a giant nest of awareness, a bird sanctuary, never defined by the chorus of opinions, nor at war with it, the great I AM, undefinable.
- Jeff Foster
Important Message

“Stay in vibrational alignment with your heart’s pure intentions. Your higher self (divine server) is your internal guidance system that is trying to make contact with you while you interact in this 3D physical reality.”-Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


"Generally, the ordinary, mundane characteristics are the norm. Anything less than this goes into the shadow. But anything better also goes into the shadow! Some of the pure gold of our personality is relegated to the shadow because it can find no place in that great leveling process that is culture,," ROBERT A. JOHNSON


Vereceksen huzur ver

”A clear sign to tell if you are living in the Present depends on how mindful you are (still, silent and aware) when dealing with challenging thoughts, people and/or circumstances that show up in your life.-Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


“If you don’t own your life, you are not ‘the boss’. Our sense of power is proportionate to our ability to take responsibility over our creation (as a creator, not a victim). Therefore, to expand our power, we must increase the level of ownership over our reality …ALL OF IT.” Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


My beautiful friend,
The energies are super intense for many people right now. Before saying or doing anything, just ask yourself what the most loving and expanded version of you would say or do. Some extra self-nurturing will go a long way during this energy shift.
I'll make sure to include more details in my upcoming August Energy Forecast due out next week.


“Do not fall victim to the seduction of your illusory projections (unconscious creations). You must remain mindfully detached and vigilant; redirecting the focus of your attention to the source of your projections (as Pure Awareness).”  -Anon I mus


“Do not hold onto negative beliefs/perspectives that cause you to unconsciously react to people, places or situations in a negative way. Stop identifying with thoughts that are not in alignment with your inner stillness, joy and freedom.”Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


“The first step towards freedom from the ‘ego’ lies in the realization that you have one, disguising itself as you.” Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)


“Stay centered in the space of your all-knowing, I AM Presence (having a bird’s-eye-view to life). This will allow you to have access to the stillness of Being and consciously create from the awakened state.” anon-i-mus


When there are no ripples in the lake you can see your face. These ripples are thought disturbances. If you do not stir a ripple in your mind you can see your face Now. All of manifestation is just a ripple in the lake. Under the surface you are calm and quiet, this is your nature.PapajiSatsang


Botschaften geistige Welt- Betrachte deine innere Haltung
“Do not lose touch with your formless, eternal essence. True freedom is transcending the limited parameters of your false self and the external world through inner detachment, mindfulness and non-identification.anon-i-mus




We never rehearsed this
We are a mess
We tremble and perspire
We step on each others’ toes
Sometimes we go out of tune
And forget our lines

But at least this is real
At least we are not half-alive
Buried under the weight of some image
We never believed in anyway
I will always take this imperfect dance
Over no dance at all- Jeff Foster


Casting Light On Your Shadow

Whatever that is denied or judged within your shadow self is what’s holding you back from your own inner awakening and expansion.”  -Anon I mus
Do not give away your innate power to the unobserved mind (shadow self/ego).  Living in a state of unawareness will eclipse the light of your clear seeing.anon-i-mus



Being a ‘Spiritual No-Body

In the world that we live in, the term of being a “nobody” is misleading and has a negative association with a person that has no social status, surface appearances, respectability, prestige, power, specialness, successes and failures in the world. Nobody is interested in being a ‘no-body’. In the spiritual sense of the word, a “no-body” is the exact opposite and must be “existentially” understood. Who we really are, at our deepest core (beneath the surface), is the transcendental space of unmanifested awareness.
God (the Divine) is not a thought, concept, feeling, person, action, place or thing. God is the non-dual continuum of awareness that is eternally awake; the background of all existence (abiding in all things). In the deeper levels of our being there is no-body there (it is a vast, infinite abyss); this is the zero point where all potentialities spontaneously emerge from. This unfathomable, silent space of emptiness (pure awareness) has no ‘existence’, a thing has to ‘stand out’ apart from other things to exist. The paradox is that ‘nothingness’ has no existence (it was never created), but it allows everything else the possibility to exist out of its neutral space.
There is no need to struggle in the world for external validation (comparing and competing with others) for the position of being a special ‘somebody’ (person-hood), you do not have to try in being a nobody (that is already your natural stateless state). We are not our physical bodies nor our minds/personalities. The fact that we are using the body-mind implies that we are not the body-mind. We exist as the more essential, subtler reality (non-physical) behind our individual entity as a pure light (a smokeless flame); beyond all arrangements of appearances and experiences. Most of our vital energies (through social conditioning) has become invested in the narrow, exclusive identification with ‘person-hood’ – a psychological loop of self-referencing ‘me and not me’.
Identifying as the ‘No-self’ is tapping into the uncharted territory of the timeless, all-inclusive greater intelligence without any limitations; not burdened by any particular form that you have about yourself (your history and relationships). The ego is our derived, false sense of self (a mind-made story) that is built up by a collection of ‘I-thoughts’ we identify with, feed and serve to protect (external things, power, fame, reputation, name, memories, education, opinions, approval, neurosis, emotions, reactions, etc.). Great fear comes out of dropping our egoic-identity and willfully entering into the impartial, selfless space of our emptiness that both surrounds us and is within us. The truth is that this emptiness (our non-conceptual self) is really the absence of the conditioned mind, that is always trying to fill itself with things out of the fear of being incomplete (not good enough and unhappy). We are so enamored with what we see, think and experience that we forget who is doing the looking. Awareness is not a state, thought or an object of experience; it is empty so  there is no ‘thing’ to observe there. You cannot lose it or experience it because you are your core awareness itself. There is only the untouchable, infinite spaciousness of Being, the Witnessing Awareness that is a unperturbed dimension underneath the cosmic play of opposites. It is far more enticing and appealing to the ego in being a ‘separate self’ (clinging to context), than to be selfless being (spiritual detachment).
Real meditation is about embracing our innermost core, the silent space of awareness before the mental noise our compulsive mental-emotional thought patterns were formed. Thoughts are always dualistic in nature; as soon as we think of a ‘thing’, we set that thing contrasting it against everything it is not. In spiritual awakening, you realize that you are already enlightened and complete (at the deepest level of your being) , no longer trying to fill this sense of pure emptiness with more and more concepts/things; just being as existence is.
Most of us live our lives completely lost and asleep in our dream characters, the drama that we call ‘life’. The institutional  world that we live in is a infrastructure built on our survival instincts, roles, tribal customs, habits, rituals, consumerism, social and religious belief systems; these societal rules and regulations are the standards in how we measure and define ourselves.  If we choose see ourselves by our fabricated stories, as the body-mind personas (conceptual characters) alone, then we become severely limited and fragmented in our thinking and being. Our society is set up to only reward somebodies (egotism) at every given opportunity and invalidate nobodies.  If we shift our perspectives to see ourselves as the deep stillness of Being that appears as everything, unbounded freedom (infinite possibilities) can be achieved. The formal body-minds that we use to function in the world is still there (functioning as an appearance in awareness), but it is no longer taken to be our sole identities.
When we consciously drop the false sense of individuality (self-centered tendencies), we then become a representation of the divine; which is beyond all conventions: names, forms, roles, borders, distinctions, and confinements of the psychological self. It is imperative to go beyond your fictitious social-identity (self-image); this erroneous belief in the seemingly ‘separate you’ striving to seek the approval of others (through comparison and competition). We must wake up from our dream selves (person-hood) and disappear into our pure nobodiness (nothingness), the all-encompassing wholeness of life.  Otherwise, we will undoubtedly be trapped (unconscious) in the world of phenomenal forms and will experience the inevitability of human suffering.
The subtle nature of aware presence is not any kind of an object, it does not have a location in space and time; therefore (to the discriminating thinking-mind) it is so readily dismissed. Our true nature as awareness does not have an objective quality such as age, size, color, duration or change. We are overlooking that which is doing the very looking itself. In identifying and reacting with conceptual thinking, emotions and behaviors; you will continue to remain unawakened spiritually (unconscious) and imprisoned in it.  Only through self-mastery, divine love, emptiness, stillness, presence and silence can one be overflowing with an endless reservoir of insight and unimaginable possibilities. If you really want to be spiritually liberated, you will have to drop your false, mind-made sense of a self (concepts and exclusive belief systems) that you have attached to the depth of being. When all form identification has been dropped from your ever present ‘I AM-NESS’, the vast spaciousness of your pure, Impersonal Self will only remain.
It is a huge undertaking to raise the sleeping masses, in freeing minds to go beyond all the baggage of ‘collective conditioning and suffering’ – reactive patterns, mental labels and compulsive thinking (preoccupation with the past and future). My whole effort is to demystify spirituality/enlightenment by helping others to awaken back to their radiant, formless nature as spacious awareness, the only true source and witness of all All-that-is (creation).
There is just the eternal One Life underlining all form manifestation, right Here, right Now. This ever-present Life is spontaneously playing and living us, as this polarized universe. When we are no-one, then we are One (not two). Only nothingness (creative potential) is paradoxically ‘everything’. This is the nameless face we had before we were born, our original face.http://spiritualenlightenment4nobodies.com/


Sadness and anger, please forgive me.
I used to run from you.
I imagined that you were 'bad'.
Or 'unhealthy'. Or 'unspiritual'.
Or a sign of weakness.
Or a fault of 'ego' or the 'separate self'.
Or shameful.
No. No. I was wrong. You are life itself.
You belong.
I bow to you now.
I breathe into you.
I give you my breath.
Sadness, you help keep my heart open.
You remind me to let go, in each moment.
You are a beautiful release.
You help me befriend death and impermanence.
Anger, you remind me of my power.
You rise spontaneously to protect the organism.
You help me speak up without fear.
Speak truth. Speak out against falsehood.
Walk this path with courage.
Protect those I love.
Sadness and anger, please forgive me.
You are inseparable from the sacredness.
You are deeply accepted now.
In my vastness.
- Jeff Foster


pink vs black

ich bin gestern bei google surfing, auf was sehr lustiges gestossen. da geht es um zwei künstler die sich streiten. besser gesagt, von einem künstler, der, dem anderen den krieg erklaert hat. eine ist der junge pop künstler Stuart Semple, der andere ist,der weltbekannte künstler anisch kapoor.

stuart semple hat eine farbe erfunden und diesen ton anisch kooper verboten, das er es benutzt. weil er von ihm denkt, das er der ungeheuer der art szene ist. das ist die farbe pinkest pink. vorher hatte anisch kapoor die rechte für den schwarzesten schwarz reserviert.
aber er hat trotzdem sich den ton pinkest pink verschaft, den mittel finger in die farbe pinkest pink eingetaucht und damit posiert.

ich finde diesen streit einerseits lustig, anderezeits wiederspiegelt es genau unsere zeitgeist wieder und ist somit sehr traurig. warum ich jetzt über diesen thema schreibe, obwohl ich gestern schrieb das ich nichts persönliches schreieben will. weil das genau das unterstreicht wovon ich gerstern geschrieben habe.

kein mensch ist nur schwarz, und kein mensch ist nur pink. ich habe schon vor jahren im internet menschen begegnet die die farbe pink gehasst haben.
wir menschen haben alle viele farben in uns. es kommen nur farben zum vorschein wenn das licht bricht. vielleicht ist der zustand heiler wenn das licht nicht gebrochen waere. da konnte niemand den anderen sagen ich hasse dich weil du rot, grün, blau, schwarz ect...bist. das waere dann wohl der himmel. keine etikette, keine trennung.. anish-kapoor-uses-stuart-semple-worlds-pinkest-pink 


Wenn du dich plötzlich nicht gut fühlst….
bzw. sich deine Stimmung verschlechtert,
Du schlechte Laune bekommst
oder dich körperlich unwohl fühlst,
dann hast du folgende Möglichkeit,
deine Befindlichkeit zu verändern

Halte inne, schließ die Augen und mach dir bewusst, an was oder wen du gerade gedacht hast – und schreibe den oder die wichtigsten dieser Gedanken auf.
Sprich diese(n) Gedanken dann noch einmal bewusst aus und fühle, welche körperliche Empfindung und welche Emotion er in dir auslöst.
Wenn diese unangenehm sind (wie Unruhe, Enge, Druck, Schwere etc.) bzw. sich unfriedlich anfühlen (Ärger, Ohnmacht, Schuld etc.), dann sag zu dir: „Stopp, dieser Gedanke entspricht nicht meiner höchsten Wahrheit! Ich öffne mich für einen neuen Gedanken!“
Nicht das, was vorher geschehen ist oder was jemand getan oder nicht getan hat, hat dein ‚schlechtes‘ Gefühl verursacht, sondern ausschließlich deine eigene gedankliche Re-Aktion darauf.
Wenn du dies öfter machst, entdeckst du, dass alle Gedanken, mit denen du dich selbst oder andere oder das Leben verurteilst, die Schwingung deines Energiekörpers herabsetzen, dich belasten, beschweren und sogar schmerzhaft sein können.
Durch diese Übung beginnst du, mehr und mehr a) zu beobachten wie oft du dich selbst durch die (bisher unbewusste) Wahl deiner Gedanken selbst verletzt und b) schaffst dir inneren Abstand von deinem Denker und seinen Gedanken und erhältst Raum, dich neuen (friedlichen, vergebenden) Gedanken zu öffnen.

" Die ‚alten Schuhe' des Denkens und Verhaltens
" Neu denken, fühlen und handeln lernen
" Gefühle annehmen und verwandeln lernen
" Der Stimme deines Herzens folgen
" Mir selbst und anderen vergeben, nichts bereuen
" Wünsche, Träume und Sehnsüchte verwirklich
" Aus Krisen, Krankheit und Konflikten Neues erschaffenrobert-betz.com


Breathe it into your cells

Use your breath to direct attention into the center of whatever feeling is arising. Send awareness inside your emotions and saturate them with light. Surround whatever appears with your presence, as a parent would cradle their shivering little one with a warm blanket.

For you are the parent to the orphans of the somatic world, as they emerge out of the unseen requesting safe passage in the vastness, one of love’s children on the journey of sacred return. Though their appearance can be disturbing and intense, they come not to harm … but to know themselves in form, as consciousness seeds matter with its qualities.

As you practice intimacy with the display of the embodied world, naturally attune to the breath as it passes in and out of your lungs. Take a moment to behold the miracle this truly is, to be given even one more breath on this new day. The implications of this alone are enough to take you to the ground and cut through the trance that something is missing.

As holy as the breath is, there is another substance passing through you. It is flowing in and out of the center of your heart, is subtle, and is apprehended only through one of your nonordinary senses. It is untamed, creative, and out of control, and keeps the stars from falling out of the sky. It is the substance pure love.

Oxygenate your entire being with this sacred material, and allow it to wash and nourish you. Breathe it into your cells and allow it to recycle in the four directions. Be a vessel in which this substance can pour into a world that has forgotten.

Please do whatever you can to help others, and never forget that even one moment of empathic, attuned presence can change someone’s life forever. Listen to them. Really, listen to them. Slow way way down and look into their eyes. Hold them. Share your calm, regulated nervous system with them. Dare to allow them to matter. Care for them and how they are making meaning of their experience.

Never forget that they are an erupting miracle of presence. Don’t forget. For we never know if we will have another chance.alovinghealingspace



für mich gibts nur ein goal!

Das Spiel des Lebens
kennt kein „sollte“, „hätte“, „müsste“‘
P’taah, Lehrer der Geistigen Welt
spricht live durch Jani King, Australien
„Alles, was ihr also wahrnehmt in eurer Realität, was kein Ausdruck von Liebe ist, ist ein Ausdruck von Angst. Angst ist Mangel. Und Angst ist Mangel an dem, worum auch immer es geht, ob Mangel an Macht, Mangel an Liebe. Wenn du etwas brauchst, bedürftig bist, bist du an einem Ort des Mangels.
Und all das kommt daher, dass du vergessen hast, wer du bist. Ihr habt dann vergessen, dass ihr machtvolle Götter und Göttinnen seid. Ihr habt vergessen, dass ihr alles erschafft, dass ihr alles miterschafft und dass es in eurer Macht steht, das von euch Gewünschte zu erschaffen…
…Die Angst ist nicht dein Feind. Das ist nur das ganz kleine Kind in dir, das da drin lebt, dass vergessen hat, dass du eine machtvolles göttliches Wesen bist. Jeder und jede von euch hat dieses kleine Kind in sich…betz.robert



Auch wenn ein Wort nicht immer das Beste Kommunikatonsmittel ist, so ist es für uns Menschen am greifbarsten. Die Information von Worten verstehen wir sofort, die Bedeutung ist uns sofort klar. In den letzten Jahren haben wir Menschen erkannt, wie wichtig Affirmationen für unser Leben sind und welch starke Auswirkungen sie auf genau dieses haben, im positiven, wie auch im negativen Sinne. Die Nutzung von Affirmationen hat ihre Grenze, dennoch helfen Sie uns dabei Glaubensmuster in uns zu wandeln und uns neu zu programmieren.
Wenn du Affirmationen für dich selbst nutzen möchtest, dann beginne deine Affirmation immer mit den Worten „Ich Bin“ oder „es ist“. Wenn du „Ich bin“ aussprichst, bist du automatisch in deiner Schöpfergegenwart und der Prozess des Erschaffens beginnt sofort. Spür einmal den Unterschied:
Sage dir: „Harmonie erfüllt mein Leben“. Spür hinein in die Energie.
Sage nun anschließend: „ICH BIN Harmonie!“ Spürst du den Unterschied?AutorGeorgHuber


Dein Herz sagt dir genau, was sich stimmig und was sich nciht stimmig, rund und mit Freude verbunden anfühlt. Da brauchst du nicht drüber nachdenken, sondern das spürst du intuitiv. Korrigiere das Stück für Stück, was nicht (mehr) stimmt und entscheide dich für den Weg deiner Selbstliebe und der Treue zu dieser deiner inneren Stimme des Herzens.


"Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your deepest longings, your fearful thoughts, are not mistakes, and they aren't asking to be HEALED. They are asking to be HELD. Here, now, lightly, in the loving arms of present awareness..."Jeff Foster


Radical Self Acceptance: Lovingly acknowledging when your mind is full of crap.chris.zydel



They taught you
that you were small.

They told you
that you were incomplete.

That there was
something 'wrong' with you.
(They believed in
'right' and 'wrong').

They sold you a lie.
They fed you a nightmare:

That love was conditional.
That you had to work for it.
Earn it. Be 'good enough' for it.

That your source of self-worth
was outside of you!

And your value was tied to
doing better.
Being faster.
Smarter. Louder.
Taller, prettier.
Achieving better grades.
Climbing higher.
Descending when told.

Building a better image.
Constructing a better 'me'.
A better version.
An upgrade.

It was all a lie.

You were loveable
exactly as you were.
In your original form.

From the beginning,
you were whole.
And worthy.

Worthy of love.
Worthy of attention.
Worthy of empathy.
Worthy of safety.
Worthy of dignity, respect.

Your feelings mattered,
even the uncomfortable ones.

Your body was beautiful,
even with its imperfections.

Your voice was sacred,
even when they didn't agree.

Your success mattered,
but your failures were also pure.

Your in-breath mattered.
Your out-breath too.

They taught you
that you were small.

They were mistaken, always.

Yet forgive them, Father;
they knew not
what they were doing.

For they were taught the same.




It's not always your projection.

Sometimes the other person
really IS angry, or sad, or scared,
or judging you.
Or lying.

Or fleeing themselves
by shaming you.

Sometimes you really CAN trust
your feeling, your gut intuition,
your instinct.

Sometimes it's not a question of working on yourself more, clearing up your projections, but of simply standing in your truth, knowing yourself more deeply, validating your own vulnerable human experience.

And yes.
Sometimes you're totally projecting.
Sometimes you aren't seeing clearly at all.

Sometimes it really is YOUR anger,
sadness, fear.
It's your own incorrect thinking.
It's your own unmet material
thrown onto the 'other'
(really yourself).

You must look for the truth
in each and every moment.
There's no formula. No map.

Truth is alive!

So stay mindful, present, aware.
Don't settle for easy answers.

Be willing to LOOK.
With humble, open eyes.

- Jeff Foster



Don't seek love now, friend.
Simply hold 
this 'absence of love'
like a newborn.
Love her so deeply now
that you forget your search completely.
And you will soon remember:
Love is here.
Love is always here.
Even in the 'absence'.
- Jeff Foster



And because the earth could crack open at any moment pulling us downwards into her fire, and because there are so many things in our hearts we will never be able to put into words, and because the dinosaurs lived and loved and died too fast, and because we are all here so fleetingly, perched on this fragile blue planet spinning in infinite dust, and because of all these things, let today be the day we finally speak our truth, even if we must tremble and sweat and wonder what the hell we're doing; the day we finally listen, even if we don't like what we hear; the day we finally receive the gift of life, oxygen in our lungs, our feet on the ground, our hearts open to each other, to pain and to pleasure and to possibility, the earth ready to crack open at any moment, sucking us into her ancient burning core.
- Jeff Foster


Reinigung des Kronenchakra

Schließe deine Augen und erlaube dir hier und jetzt bei dir zu sein.
Nehme eine angenehme Sitzhaltung ein, beachte dabei, dass deine Arme und Beine nicht eingeschränkt sind und deine Füße fest den Boden berühren.
Nehme ganz bewusst ein paar tiefe Atemzüge, atme sanft und tief durch die Nase ein, halte diesen Atem, so wie es für dich angenehm ist und dann atme sanft und lange durch deinen Mund aus. Und erlaube dir mit dem Ausatmen auch jegliche Unruhe herauszuatmen.
Atme erneut sanft und tief durch die Nase ein, halte deinen Atem für wenige Sekunden und atme erneut sanft und lange durch den Mund aus: Und erlaube dir mit dem Ausatmen auch jeglichen Unfrieden aus dir herauszuatmen.
Atme ein, atme aus und lasse los.
Visualisiere dir nun eine große violette Lichtsäule, die dich umgibt.
Sehe und spüre wie diese violette Lichtsäule, die violette Energie in all deine Körper fließt. Die Lichtsäule fließt in deinen Gedankenkörper, in deinen Gefühlskörper und auch in deinen Ätherkörper.
Spüre und sehe, wie die violette Energie all die Schwere aus deinen Körpern nimmt und alles im hellen weißen Licht erstrahlt.
Sage dir:
Es werde Licht in meinem Gedankenkörper.
Es werde Licht in meinem Gefühlskörper
Es werde Licht in meinem Ätherkörper
Spüre und sehe wie das violette Licht nun in dein Kronenchakra einströmt. Dein Kronenchakra ist deine Verbindungen zu den geistigen Reichen und zu deinem göttlichen Selbst. Erlaube dir dein Kronenchakra zu sehen, es zu spüren.
Und alles was dein Kronenchakra im Jetzt blockiert. Alles, was dich in deiner Verbindung zu den geistigen Reichen und zu deinem göttlichen Selbst blockiert, übergebe es der violetten Flamme zur Transformation. Spüre, wie alle Blockaden in deinem Kronenchakra durch das violette Licht transformiert werden.
Sage dir: Es werde Licht in meinem Kronenchakra!
Und spüre wie dein Kronenchakra im hellen Licht erstrahlt.AutorGeorgHuber



Du fühst genau, was dich belastet, was da immer noch seit langer Zeit eine Wunde in deinem Herzen hinterlassen hat. Eine Wunde, die du dir selbst zugefügt hast, aus dem Gefühl der Scham, aus dem Gefühl der Wut gegen dich selbst.
Rufe Personen, bei denen du dich entschuldigen möchtest. Siehe, wie sie vor deinen Augen erscheinen und beobachte sie für einen Moment. Vielleicht sind sie noch verärgert und sie wenden sich von dir ab, um dir so ihren Ärger zu verdeutlichen. Vielleicht stehen sie offen vor dir und ihre Augen sind erfüllt voller Tränen. Tränen, weil sie so berührt sind, dass du endlich bereit bist, dir selbst zu vergeben. Wenn du dann den Mut gefunden hast, trete vor diese Person und bitte sie in deinen Worten um Vergebung.

Anschließend kommt der Moment der Selbstvergebung. Erinnere dich an dein Bedürfnis heil zu werden und spreche diesen oder einen von dir gewählten Satz laut aus: „Ich vergebe mir selbst, was ich diesen Menschen ausgesandt und angetan habe.“ Eine wirksame Unterstützung für diesen Schritt ist sich selbst zu umarmen, Wenn du wirklich bereit bist, dir selbst die Schuld zu nehmen, dich vollkommen zu lieben und dir zu vergeben, dann fühlt sich eine Umarmung gut an und die Liebe wird spürbarGeorg Huber.


A thundering call to integration

Though unfolding outside conscious awareness, we carry the unconscious of those who have come before us. At some point in our journey, we will be asked to confront, integrate, and tend to the unlived lives of our personal and collective ancestry. This confrontation is a radical act of love, not only for yourself, but for beings everywhere.

Look carefully and see what you are holding, by way of your parents, grandparents, their parents and grandparents, and beyond: What dreams remained unfulfilled for them? What were their deepest longings? What secrets were they never able to share?

What kept them awake at night? What brought them alive and unleashed their creativity and uniqueness? What visions were not permitted to take form?

What were they required to disown in order to fit in to a world that had lost its sensitivity and soul? What became buried in the shadows of their unlived lives?

As you create an inner sanctuary in which this material can emerge – by way of feeling, image, symbol, and meaning – the seemingly solid lines between past, present, and future will dissolve. What is left in this process of dissolution is an invitation, a thundering call to integration, and into a journey into the uncharted territory of the heart.

In the mandala of wholeness, past, present, and future co-emerge and interpenetrate, each offering a unique passageway into your true nature, and into the jeweled-like qualities of what you are. a-thundering-call-to-integration


Robert BetzLoslassen geschieht durch das Annehmen, das JA zu dem, was sich jetzt gerade zeigt, sei es in deinem Körper, deinen Gefühlen oder in deinem Leben. Viele Menschen, die etwas 'loslassen' wollen, sind dagegen, sie wollen es loswerden. Auf diese Weise kann dich nichts loslassen. Erst wenn wir unsere Schöpferverantwortung übernehmen und den Schmerz oder die Gefühle bejahend fühlen, annehmen und ihnen sogar danken, weil sie uns dienten als unsere SChöpfungen, kann sich das Bisherige wandeln. 'Es' lässt und dann los.


Today, try this:

If you feel sad or afraid, or feel a tension in your body, just for a moment stop trying to “let go.” Forget about “raising your vibration” too! Instead, simply be with the discomfort. Get curious about it. Soften around it. Breathe into it. Give it space, room, some time. Forget about understanding, “releasing,” or “fixing” it today and just allow it to be here for as long as it needs to be here. Let it stay if it wants to stay. Let it go if it wants to go! Let it come back if it wants to come back. Treat it like a welcome guest in the vast Rest Home of your being, a beloved child that truly belongs.
- Jeff Foster









When your heart is broken and you turn away from your heart, you feel lost and powerless, homeless in the present moment, body and spirit divided.
But when you turn to your broken heart, give it kind attention, and you say, "Dear heart, I see you, I feel you. I know you are broken, but I accept you as you are, I embrace you as you are, without conditions. So break, dear heart, break deeper, break harder, break as fully as you need to break, and know that I am here with you, always...", you are a love warrior, powerful and free!
- Jeff Foster



The new path is beginning to appear

When you are triggered and have become overwhelmed – when the emotions and somatic eruption has taken you outside your window of tolerance – it is likely your core narrative is nearby. What do you believe about yourself? About relationships? About why you have come here? About whether it is safe to take a risk or to lead with your vulnerability?

This material, the template through which you have engaged the mystery until now, is close and nearby. It is circling around you, not to harm or work against you, but as a harbinger of integration. It is longing to be re-written, re-imagined, and re-dreamed with new vision.
In a moment of constellation and of flooding, infuse the environment with sacred pause. Using your breath and the open spaciousness of your awareness, make a journey inside the emotions, the sensations, and into the old stories that are now longing to be updated with revelation.

Enter into relationship with the narrative and ask it to reveal itself: why it has come, how it is trying to protect you, and what it needs from you now. Practice intimacy without fusing. Embody the sacred middle. Hold it near and honor it for all it has done for you, but with an empowered, fiery compassion, let it know that it is time for an update. And that it will be love that is downloading the upgrade.

And then, with capacities you did not have as the narrative was formed, you can begin the journey of encoding new circuitry, of laying down a new pathway. With presence, kindness, and the wisdom you have gathered, you can update the narrative and weave a new story, one that is more current, integrated, accurate, and whole.

Together, with the seen and unseen allies gathering by your side, you can make meaning of the fear, the anxiety, the depression, and the way your life has unfolded until now. Something is being asked of you and the new path is beginning to appear. Stay close.

Ask another to bear witness with you, as this reorganization is an immense undertaking of courage. Find a therapist, a lover, a friend, a teacher, a tree, a bird, a dog, a mountain, the sky, the sun, or the moon. Allow them to hold you as you open, and see now what is most true.alovinghealingspace




Contact a physical sensation without judgement. 
Don't think about the sensation, don't analyse it, just be with it.
You didn't create it. 
You are not responsible for it.
It is not your fault.
You did nothing wrong.
It is not your job to heal it, fix it, get rid of it, or even work out 'why' it is there.
It is not personal, like the morning birdsong, or the roar of traffic outside your window.
Know less. Feel more. 
Commit to the moment.
Come out of the story of past, with its guilt and regret.
Come out of the story of future, with its fear and anticipation. 
Feel the raw sensation now in the body, life in its purest form, a dance of energy.
It is here for a moment.
Honour its fleeting appearance.
Be the space for the sensation, its container, its presence, its warm embrace.
It is not your enemy, and it may be your greatest teacher.
- Jeff Foster


“The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that won't let go of your life: your memories, your attachments. They burn 'em all away. But they're not punishing you,' he said. 'They're freeing your soul. If your frightened of dying, and your holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. If you've made your peace then the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth.”

 Bruce Joel Rubin, Jacob's Ladder





When someone calls you names, reduces you to a thing,
When they offer advice you didn't ask for,
When they blame you for their pain,
When they do not listen to you, and endlessly talk about themselves,
When they compare you with others,
When they ignore, invalidate, judge or ridicule your thoughts and feelings.

Stop. Breathe.

Know it's their pain, not yours.
Know they are dreaming the only dream they can dream until they wake up.
Know that they don't know you, only their phantasy.
Perhaps they find it hard to love themselves.
Perhaps they seek their worth externally.
Perhaps they are disconnected from their breath, their bodies, their precious aliveness, their true calling.
Perhaps they live in a dualistic world of good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure.
Perhaps they have forgotten the simple joy of being.
Perhaps you understand this.
Perhaps you have been where they have been.
Don't try to change them now. They may never change.
Don't try to fix them. They aren't asking to be fixed.
The more you push, they more they'll push back.
Don't get entangled in their web of sorrows.
See clearly, even have compassion, but don't push.
It's okay that they are upset. It really is.
Give them space to be upset.
It's okay that they are disappointed in you.
Give them space to be disappointed.
It's okay that they judge you. Make room for their judgements too.
Make room for your own thoughts and feelings!
Allow yourself to feel sad, angry, guilty, doubtful.
Let all these precious energies wash through you.
They will not harm you, as you allow them to move.
Yes, you will meet many gatekeepers on this journey.
Walk your path anyway, and allow others to walk theirs.
You don't need to justify your path, or defend it.
Stay close to yourself in these challenging times.
Do not fight the darkness; it has no power anyway.
Simply turn your light way up.
- Jeff Foster



“I want to play a game of hide and seek with you. I will hide in the last place that you will ever look - in the silent space between your passing thoughts. Come and find me only when you are ready to awaken.” -Cosmic Consciousness

~Anon I mus (No-self)


Being against evil doesn't make you good.
Ernest Hemingway



If you want to 'feel good' all the time, 
please, forget about waking up.
If you want to wake up, 
forget about 'feeling good'.
If you long for the raw truth of existence, 
please, prepare for the shattering of your status quos.
Prepare for heartbreak, the devastation of dreams.
Everything you know about yourself
will be smashed into a million pieces.
Prepare to allow an unimaginable sorrow, 
the sorrow of distant universes,
to move through you, to penetrate your very core.
And prepare for joys so unbearable 
you'll wonder why your heart hasn't exploded.
Prepare for love to drain your tear ducts.
Prepare to fall on your knees time and time again,
in awe, in horror, in gratitude, in the deepest calm.
Prepare to never be prepared.
If you want to 'feel good' all the time, 
if you want pleasure without pain, joy without sorrow,
light without night, a 'feel-good' spirituality,
please, I beg you:
Turn back. 
Turn back, right now!
- Jeff Foster

Nur mit den Augen der Liebe siehst du klar

„Oft höre ich euch sagen, die Liebe sei blind, womit ihr meint, dass sie keinen Fehler in dem Geliebten erkennen kann. Diese Art Blindheit ist der Höhepunkt des Sehens. Wäret Ihr nur immer so blind, dass ihr nirgends einen Fehler erblicken könnt.
Klar und durchdringend ist das Auge der Liebe. Darum sieht es keinen Fehler. Wenn die Liebe euer Sehvermögen gereinigt hat, dann werdet ihr nichts mehr sehen, was eurer Liebe unwürdig ist. Nur ein der Liebe beraubtes Auge findet stets Fehler. Welche Fehler es auch immer findet, es sind nur seine eigenen Fehler…..
Liebe ist der einzige Urheber des Wunders. Wenn du sehen willst, lass Liebe in der Pupille deines Auges sein. Wenn du hören willst, lass Liebe im Trommelfell deines Ohres sein.“Das Buch des Mirdad, Mihail Naimy


ich habe in letzter zeit oft gelesen das der gegensatz vom liebe die angst ist. aber ich glaube das einzige was keine gegensatz hat, das gefühl liebe ist . weil liebe nicht dual sein kann und absolut ist.. ich bin der meinung das der gegensatz vom angst der vertrauen ist..denn wir haben nur angst wenn wir nicht vertrauen. 




Here's the bad news:
You can't get 'over' a feeling.
You can't get 'past' it.
You can't release it.
You can't let go of it.
You can't transform or transmute it.
You can't even heal it.
All these ideas come from the mind,
not the body, not the Heart.
They are all subtle forms of violence,
sneaky ways of saying 'no' to a feeling,
aiming for its disappearance,
its death.
We learn to let go of 'letting go'.
We stop trying to release.
We end the exhausting effort to heal.
Instead, we are present.
We offer a feeling our simple presence.
Our non-resistant attention.
Our love.
Here's the good news:
In this field of presence
the feeling is no longer a problem,
an enemy, an aberration, a stain,
a block to freedom.
It is no longer 'something wrong'.
It is no longer 'negative'.
It is no longer a threat.
It is no longer an unwanted child.
You are now its guardian, its protector,
its loving parent, its Home.
And held lightly, in a still space of allowing,
the feeling stays for a while, or moves on,
or returns,
or never returns,
but either way,
you are healed from the need
to find healing elsewhere.
You do not heal feelings, you see,
they heal you, when you allow them
to guide you back
to your original Wholeness,
your loving nature,
your breath,
your place on this Earth.
- Jeff Foster